As a Chinese, why do I travel far to Europe to buy porcelain

 When it comes to buying porcelain in Europe, you might think I'm crazy. We were born in China, why should we travel all the way to Europe to buy China? But I heard that many Chinese middle-class and tasteful local tyrants have gone to this German town to buy ceramics. I currently live in Dresden, which is a "famous tourist city in Germany", known as the "Pearl on the Elbe", and yes, there is also the "European Silicon Valley." But today's protagonist is a small town not far from it: Meissen, which is only about half an hour away by train. Maybe you are unfamiliar with this name. However, like many low-key European towns, it has a history of nearly a thousand years since its founding (then China was in the period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, please experience how long it will be). It is also an ancient European ceramic Industry center. Small town Meissen scenery For hundreds of years, the artworks created by Meissen Porcelain Factory hav